Position works costs for the Hour-VOdos interactions on laboratory

Position works costs for the Hour-VOdos interactions on laboratory

Reproducibility of constant unmarried measurements

There were no systematic absolute or relative differences in VO2 and HR between the first and second measurement occasion in the laboratory (Table 3).

The three submaximal work rates, used in both models of HR-VO2 regression equations, induced mean levels of HR ranging from on average 97 ± 8 to 139 ± 18 beats per minute for the males, and from 98 ± 8 to 150 ± 10 for the females (Table 3). For maximal HR and other descriptive aspects of the work rates used, see Tables 3 and 4.

Hr levels regarding commuter cycling used in quoting amounts of VO2

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Reproducibility from Hour-VO2 regression equations and projected amounts of VO2 (model step one)

The test and retest HR-VO2 regression equations and estimated levels of oxygen uptake from three levels of HR are presented in Tables 6 and 7. There was a tendency towards a lower y-intercept and a greater slope in the regression equations at the retest compared to the test (Table 6). Based on calculations of all subjects, there were no systematic differences in estimated absolute levels of VO2 between test and retest. The relative differences between test and retest were 0.99 ± 11.0 (n.s.), 2.67 ± 6.48 (p<0.1) and 3.57 ± 6.24% (p<0.05) based on estimations from the lowest to the highest levels of HR (Table 7).